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1.3mm Gold Filled Plain Band Ring, Size 3 1/4

1.3mm Gold Filled Plain Band Ring, Size 3 1/4

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This tiny 14/20 Yellow Gold-Filled Half-Round Wire plain band design ring. These rings were made by a student and they used soft solder instead of gold solder so the ring joints are weak and are silver toned instead of gold.

These are perfect for joint rings, baby rings, or people like me with tiny fingers. This is a size 3 1/4.

Measures between 12.62mm and 14.00mm wide. The band is 1.3mm thick.

I have other designs in this type of ring, and other sizes, so check the rings section on my website for more options. I have 11 different designs just in this size.

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All rings can be polished before shipment, you get 1 ring per listing, change the quantity to buy more than one.  This is cross-listed/promoted.

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