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24" Sterling Silver 1.5mm Diamond Cut Wheat Chain Necklace

24" Sterling Silver 1.5mm Diamond Cut Wheat Chain Necklace

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Diamond cut wheat chain necklaces in sterling silver. This chain is 1.5 mm wide. It is a very unique design. I have an anklet and a bracelet also in this design.

The 24" weight 5.80 grams.

Classically styled and intricately woven, this sterling silver diamond-cut wheat chain offers a light-catching look perfectly suited for a variety of designs. This chain is plated with fine silver to ensure a bright-white color and to help protect against tarnish.

A variation of the rope chain, wheat chain is made with alternating figure-eight links that are closely interconnected to present a braided look and an almost square profile. Diamond-cut versions have facets precision-cut into the links with diamond-tipped tools. The facets are then polished to enhance the light-reflecting properties of the link surfaces.


Wheat chains are similar to rope chains, but have a braided/woven appearance that looks like a stalk of wheat (hence the name). Wheat chains can be either rounded or flat and have good flexibility. Though wheat chains come in varying weights and profiles, thinner versions are suitable for use with pendants.

Best for: pendants, layering


  • Clasp Type: Teardrop Lobster
  • Style: Wheat
  • Width: 1.5mm
  • Metal Type: Sterling silver
  • Metal Color: White
  • Purity: .925
  • Overall Length: 24"
  • End Ring OD: 2.2mm (0.087")
  • Fabrication Method: Machined
  • Links: Soldered
  • Quality Marked: No
  • Net Weight: 5.80g (0.203 ounces)
  • Country Of Origin: Italy
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