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Speechless Long Black Handkerchief Hem Dress

Speechless Long Black Handkerchief Hem Dress

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This is a long black halter dress with a handkerchief hem made by speechless. I bought this at a second hand store and had no idea they cut the breast part out of the dress, not jut the padding, but slashed the inside of the dress pretty good. I'm sensitive to things not being "normal" with clothes and I can't wear it as it irritates me, even with a Bra on. This fits more like a Medium/Large but the tag is too worn to see what size it actually is. I tried to wear this once had it on for 10 minutes total before I had to take it off. I also can't wear lace and certain other fabrics due to how it irritates my skin. If you have allodynia and fibromyalgia like me you would understand.

This dress is Black with red accent details over silver and white details. The top of the dress is a black stretchy material almost like a swimsuit and the bottom is silky feeling like satin. Its slippery and smooth. I really thought this dress was beautiful but I just could not wear it.

If you need flat lay measurements let me know I can get them added.
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